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7 Reasons You Should Try Magnetic Liner & Lashes

What are Magnetic Eyeliner & Lashes?

Ani Beaute offers MagnaLiner & Lash kits which is a magnetic eyeliner and magnetic lashes. Our magnetic eyeliner has just enough magnetic properties in it's solution to allow magnetic eyelashes to adhere to the eyelid but is gentle on the eye. Magnetic lashes come with small magnets attached to the lash band that adhere to the magnetic eyeliner. MagnaLiner provides a long lasting magnetic hold when paired with Ani Beaute magnetic lashes that have 5 magnets on the lash band. These can be trimmed to fit any eye shape.

Why magnetic liner and lashes?

Ease of use

Ani Beaute’s MagnaLiner & Lash Kit is so easy to use that it’s perfect for any beginner. Simply apply the magnetic eyeliner and our magnetic lashes basically attach themselves!

Saves Time

MagnaLiner & Lashes eliminate the mistakes that you could typically make with traditional lash glue. The need to reposition the lash after application is slim to none cutting the time needed for your makeup routine almost in half!

Safe to Use

The ingredients found in MagnaLiner are the same ingredients that would be found in foundation, lip stick, concealer and other makeup products that you would typically use. The magnetic properties in the magnetic eyeliner and magnetic lashes are powerful enough for a long lasting hold but gentle enough to be safe for the eye! We do advise you consult your doctor about any eye issues that are present prior to use.


Ani Beaute’s MagnaLiner & Lash kit is affordable giving anyone on a budget the opportunity to be glamorous! Not only is it good for your pockets but our lashes are of good quality giving you the best service and experience.


MagnaLiner & Lashes can be used for 30 - 40 wears if cared for properly giving you a bang for your buck. The eyeliner can be removed with olive oil and the lashes can be cleaned with oil-free makeup remover. Ani Beaute provides care instructions with each order to ensure that you receive the longevity that you desire from your purchase.

Different Styles

Ani Beaute offers 6 styles of magnetic lashes ranging from natural to dramatic. Choose your choice of style depending on your favorite look or choose more than one style for different occasions. We aim to offer variety in the simplicity of our lashes.


MagnaLiner & Lash Kits offer weatherproof security! This magnetic lash system allows you to have great lashes in rainy weather or through tears of joy! 

So what are you waiting for?

These are the best reasons to try MagnaLiner and Lashes today! Take our word for the service and quality that Ani Beaute provides to find that you will not regret it. Lashes don’t have to be complicated!

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